5 Ways to Get Your First 100 Substack Subscribers

You've just created a Substack and now you need subscribers to read your work. It helps if you already have a following on a different platform, but let's face it... most people don't. You can ask your friends and family to subscribe, but are they actually interested in the topics you're writing about? Growing your Substack subscribers list can seem challenging when starting from zero.

Here are 5 ways to get your first 100 Substack Subscribers:

  1. Reddit: Reddit is a great place to find readers interested in a specific topic. You can find subreddits for just about any topic, and engage with people that are actively interested in your niche. There is one key to using Reddit that you must be careful about. Most subreddits prohibit self promotion, so make sure you do not post a direct link to your Substack. Instead, post valuable content related to your niche that people will engage with. At the bottom of your post you can say something like “if you liked this, I also write weekly about xyz… if you're interested in subscribing, send me a message and i'll send you a free link.” This way you are providing valuable content to the community, and building a funnel to your substack. This will also produce more engaged subscribers, since there is an added step for them to subscribe.

  2. Twitter: Twitter seems to be the most popular recommendation to find new subscribers, but here's a way to utilize Twitter that most writers don't take advantage of. First, make sure your Substack link is in your bio, so anyone looking at your twitter profile will see it. Next, you'll need to find twitter accounts in your niche, and start interacting with them as much as possible. Retweet, like, and respond to their tweets. Once you've gotten on their radar, directly message them and ask if they'll do a Q & A on your Substack. Send them a list of interview questions, and feature them in your Substack. When you feature them, they'll get additional exposure and will most likely share your post. This will not only give your Substack more credibility, but also free promotion when it gets shared.

  3. Substack Writing Groups: You're trying to grow your following, and so are 100's of other writers. There are tons of writing groups you can join on Facebook, Reddit, and even Twitter. Make sure to join Substack specific groups, since Substack varies from other platforms. In these writing groups you can promote your work, see what's working for others, and network with writers in your niche. Click here to join the Substack Growth Hackers Facebook group.

  4. Comment on other Substacks: Substack allows you to like and comment on posts. Use these features to network with other writers in your niche, and get your username shown on their post. When you leave a comment on a Substack post, it is displayed on the post, and gives readers the ability to click into your profile. Leave insightful comments that will intrigue the readers to check out your profile. This will also get you known by the writer, and could lead to a collaboration in the future.

  5. SubShark Referral Tool: It is estimated that popular newsletters get around 30% of their subscribers through a referral program. It makes sense right? If your subscriber loves your content, they probably have a friend that would love it too. And if you offer them a reward, they'll be incentivised to bring you new subscribers. Subshark makes it super easy to set up a referral program for your Substack, and allows you to choose the rewards you want to offer. For example, you can offer a shout-out for 5 referrals, access to your paid newsletter for 10 referrals, and a sticker pack with your logo for 20 referrals. SubShark is currently in beta, but is launching to the public soon.

Sign up here to get early access -> https://subshark.io